About the Project Biostoom Beringen NL

Bionerga has decided to build a new Biosteam plant in Ravenshout – Beringen, next to an international chemical company, called Borealis. Bionerga already operates two waste-to-energy plants:

Biostoom Beringen nv, a limited liability under Belgian law with registered office at Industrieweg 150, 3580 Beringen-Belgium, register of legal persons Antwerp, division Hasselt, with company number 0678.742.850 acts in accordance with article 60 of the Belgian Company Code.

The new Biosteam plant in Beringen must produce high-quality steam through the incineration of non-hazardous and non-recyclable waste and subsequently make optimum use of this steam by dynamic heat deliveries and an efficient conversion into electricity. The Biosteam plant should meet the criteria for an R1-installation conform the European Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EG and should fulfill to all applicable legislation (emissions, noise, …). The installation will consist of one incineration line from feeding chute to and with stack.

Bionerga puts the Biosteam plant in Ostend forward as the reference. The new Biosteam plant in Beringen must be equal to or better (e.g. in equipment, redundancy, quality, finishing, …) than the Biosteam Plant in Ostend. Profound standardization within the new Biosteam plant, resulting in for instance a lean spare parts philosophy, is intended. Additional standardization with the existing plant in Ostend as well as supplier’s optimizations are fully encouraged.

Bionerga is organizing a voluntary bidding process for different lots, which will be preceded by a prequalification process. This website provides further information in that respect: interested parties will find further information with regard to the Project, the scope of work , the prequalification procedure and an indicative timetable for the subsequent bid procedure, negotiations, contractual and financial close. Interested candidates are urged to carefully read the respective terms and conditions.

Interested candidates are invited to confirm their interest by registering for their respective lot.

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